High Power Wireless-N 600mW Range Extender

Helpful Tips:

These settings apply to your Home Network.

Home Network SSID:
This is the Home Network that the Range Extender is currently connected to. If you have an unbroadcasted SSID for your Home Network, manually enter the SSID here.

Channel Number:
The Range Extender's channel number MUST match the channel number of the Home Network.


Home Network Settings

Manually configure the settings for your Home Network connection.

Home Wireless Connection
Home Network SSID:
Channel Number:
Must be same as your Home Network router
Channel Width:
Control Sideband:

If you are manually setting your Home Network connection, you will need to enter the security setting in the Security page for your Home Network. After clicking Apply on this page, click Reboot Later and go to the Security page to set your security settings. Click Reboot Now after all settings are applied. The Range Extender cannot connect to your Home Network until all settings have been set and applied.




  Disable Wireless LAN Interface
Network Type:
Broadcast SSID:
Data Rate:
Associated Clients:
   Enable Mac Clone (Single Ethernet Client)
   Enable Universal Repeater Mode (Acting as AP and client simultaneously)
Note: If you want to change the setting for Mode and SSID, you must go to EasyConfig page to disable EasyConfig first.