High Power Wireless-N 600mW Range Extender

Helpful Tips:

A MAC Address may sometimes be referred to as a Physical Address.  Most networking devices have their MAC Address located on a label on the actual device. 

Be sure to enter the MAC Address without any symbols.  For example, a MAC Address of 78-DD-78-AA-78-BB would be entered as 78DD78AA78BB.

Users that are denied access to your network may be able to connect to your Extended Network however they will not have access to the Internet or the local network.


User Access Control

Allow or deny wireless access to specific users by entering the MAC address of the device below. The MAC address of a networking device is a 12 digit hex number normally found on a label on the bottom of the device (e.g. 1A2B3C4F5A6D).

Wireless Access Control Mode:
MAC Address:

Current Access Control Table
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