High Power Wireless-N 600mW Range Extender

Helpful Tips:

The Range Extender provides wireless coverage over great distances. 

In some cases, this coverage is more than what is needed.  Wireless Coverage Controls helps you limit the coverage of the extended network. 

By adjusting the wireless output power lower, the overall distance of your wireless network decreases. 

If you are concerned about the overall speed of your wireless network, it is recommended that you keep the Wireless Output Power at 100% (even in a smaller location). 

You may enable wireless security on your network to prevent access by unwanted users. 


Wireless Coverage Controls

Adjust the output power and range of your Extended Wireless Network. For a smaller coverage area, choose a lower output power percentage. For a larger coverage area, select a higher output power percentage.

Wireless Output Power:
100%   70%   50%   35%   15%