High Power Wireless-N 600mW Range Extender

Helpful Tips:

Firmware updates are downloaded as a zip file from the Support Webpage link on the left.  You will need to have an unzipping program to open the file.  Inside the file will be a text document with details on the current firmware release and instructions on how to upgrade the firmware. 

The firmware file will be a file with a “.bin” extension.  Save the firmware file on your computer’s desktop and select “Choose File” from the link on the right to locate your firmware file.  Be sure to only use “.bin” files when upgrading the firmware. 

Click Upload when you have selected the file.  The upgrading process should take a few minutes.  Do not disconnect any cables from the Range Extender at this time. 


Upgrade Firmware

The Range Extender uses software (Firmware) to operate. In the event that a new Firmware file is available, you may update it here. During the upgrade process, DO NOT power off the device to avoid damage to the Range Extender.

Current Firmware Version:
Build Time:
Thu Apr 25 01:00:02 CST 2013
Upgrade Firmware from a File::
Check the Support Webpage to see if there are any updates available for this product.
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