High Power Wireless-N 600mW Range Extender

Welcome to the Dashboard

The Dashboard provides you with information regarding your current Home Network connection status as well as details for your Extended Network settings.

Home Network
This refers to the Wi-Fi network that you wish to extend, for example your home router. If you have not yet configured the Range Extender the Dashboard status will show No Connection.

Extended Network
This refers to the connection to the Range Extender from your laptop or mobile device. It represents the Wi-Fi network that has been extended from your Home Network. Any devices connected to the wired port of the Range Extender is also considered to be connected to the Extended Network.

Are you being redirected to the Dashboard automatically?
If you've already configured the Range Extender, your Range Extender may have lost connection with the Home Network. When that happens, the Range Extender will automatically route you back to the Dashboard. This can happen for several reasons:

a) The signal strength for the connection between the Range Extender and your home router is too low. Move the Range Extender closer so that the signal strength is greater than 70%. Run through the wizard again to reconnect.

b) The settings for your home router may have changed (i.e. the channel changed due to a power outage). Run through the wizard again to reconnect. To prevent this issue from reoccurring, set up a static wireless channel on your home router.

The Web Browser Redirect (Auto-DNS) feature may be turned off in the IP Settings Menu.

More Settings
To adjust additional settings, such as security features, schedules, login passwords and more, click on More Settings.


Welcome to the Dashboard

Scanning for networks. Results will appear in seconds.
System Status
Connection to Home Network
Extended Network Details
Wireless SSID:
Wireless SSID:
Security Key:
Security Key:
Signal Strength:
IP Address:
Gateway IP:
DHCP Mode:

For additional features and settings, click/tap on More Settings from the left side menu.